I find peace in these places, my mind rests from routine and noise of the crowded metropolis. Here everything stopped and remained intact for years and abandoned places are like a big urban cemeteries.


My abstract visions represented through experimental and conceptual photographies.

Music Events

I follow the electronic music scene since I was a kid. I like underground clubs with international guests, but also support the local DJs. I document the parties from different points of view of clubbers and musicians.

Old Cameras

The new is not always better than the old. My personal collection of the old Soviet film cameras, some are working and others are used as knick knacks.


I’m a social animal so I have many friends in different cultures and I like to photograph them. I steal even the moments of strangers around the world.

World Places

How to spend almost all your money on traveling and invest in yourself by opening new horizons and breaking down mental barriers.