I’m specializing in Agile Methodologies for Product Management, with a passion for User Experience.

I was born in Latvia, where I grew up and got my initial education. We moved to Italy with my mother in 1998 where I continued my studies in graphic design and multimedia. Now I live with my family near Turin, in a region named Piedmont.

I love to build simple and fast products that people like to use and helping them to satisfy their needs. I have a strong preference to work in close collaboration with all the members of a multidisciplinary team, for not falling into the silos mentality, and for enabling true success.

I worked as a freelance web developer, as a Digital Marketing Manager in Yesmoke, as a Product Manager in Bakeca.it and now I work as a Product Owner in Oval.

In my free time, I like to contribute to the Web Community, visit tech conferences, travel and take pictures, collect vinyl records and old Soviet film cameras. Buying and reading physical books for learning and staying informed on web technologies, design, marketing, productivity, and self-improvement, are important and unbreakable habits for me. I’m fully supporting the “Open Culture,” which is based on trust & transparency, and I truly enjoy to follow people and companies with this mind set.

My talks on Web Performance

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