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Talk di Doug Sillars (in inglese) sui modi migliori per creare immagini per tutti gli schermi e dispositivi, fatto al 18° meetup del Turin Web Performance Group il 24 luglio del 2018 da Toolbox Coworking.

The best ways to build images for all of the screens/devices that are out there.

Immersive experiences are often centered around images. With thousands of different devices and screens – how do we design and build experiences that load quickly, but also deliver that eye catching experience?

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the latest strategies to deliver images on the mobile web so that they render quickly and look beautiful.

Speaker – Doug Sillars

Doug is a leading mobile developer advocate and evangelist, actively looking for a new role and adventure. He is an international digital nomad, working remotely.

He is widely known as an expert in mobile application architecture, especially when it comes to performance. Doug has worked with thousands of developers around the world, helping them improve the speed, battery life and customer satisfaction of their applications (both native and web based apps).

Doug has spoken at many conferences (including CES, Velocity Conference, AT&T Developer Summit, Android DevCon, and Øredev) in the US and Europe. Doug is an energetic, engaging speaker who loves to present very technical details to all audiences (from layperson, to leadership to technical specialists, from developer to executives).

His book, “High Performance Android Apps” was published by O’Reilly in the fall of 2015. In 2015-2016, Doug traveled Europe with his family for a year. He would love to meld his love for travel with a position that allows for telecommuting.

Doug holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry and can tell you all about how catalysts are used to make polymer.

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